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Professional & Affordable Engineered Flooring Installations Melbourne


Engineered flooring needs adequate space around skirting to allow for expansion. This applies to both width and length of the floor. Your choice of flooring will determine the allowance as each of type and brand of engineered flooring has its own specifications and tolerance required for expansion. In longer floors such as hallways and large open living spaces expansion joints may be required to accommodate for movement, it is common to see these joints in doorways and hallways.

To have a neater job and final finish we generally remove skirting boards and cut the bottom of door jambs to allow the flooring to run underneath it. This speeds up the installation process and has much nicer finish. Installation of flooring without removing the skirting boards is possible however a finishing quad strip will be required around the edges of the skirting board to conceal the gap required for expansion.

Engineered floors offer a few different methods for installation and can be either glued to a subfloor, as floating floors with an underlay or even fixed as a structural floor depending on product specification and application.


Engineered flooring is manufactured with a base of bonded layers made from timber that provide strength and stability, on top of these bonded layers is decorative timber machined from your choice of flooring such as Blackbutt, Jarraah and Tassie Oak to name a few. This process give you a timber floor that is more affordable than solid hardwood whilst maintaining the appearance.

Engineered flooring is available in two different finishes, Pre-finished and Unfinished. Pre-finished flooring already has a coating applied in the factory that is finished out of the box which saves times and money on installation. Unfinished flooring is sanded and sealed after installation. Sanding and coating on site can be more desirable as it provides you with a coating of your choice giving you a more unique final appearance. On the other hand Pre-finished flooring is ready to walk on once installed while Unfinished will require a drying time of up to 4 days depending on your choice of sealer.

For a great way to find out what your new engineered flooring might cost, simply click here to use our ‘Floor Costing Tool’. It has helped many people to quickly understand the costs. Should you require any further assistance you can call us on 0431 372 502.

How Much Will Your Engineered Flooring Cost?

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