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Professional & Affordable Bamboo Flooring Installations Melbourne

Bamboo flooring is usually made in China from bamboo stems that is aged for roughly 4 years.  After the bamboo has grown it is harvested and the stems are trimmed into a number of lengths prior to final processing into strand woven and laminated flooring.

The manufacturing process of strand woven bamboo flooring differs to laminated bamboo flooring. Laminated flooring requires smaller pieces around 3cm wide to be machined into a rectangular shape suitable for floor boards, once machined it is then treated to prevent insect attacks and then dried in a kiln before board fabrication. The dried pieces are then glued in two different way to provide the desired style of product either horizontally or vertically.

Strand woven flooring is quite a different process as pieces are cut into even smaller strands and then put back together with an adhesive to form a complete sheet that is then cut into raw boards. Strand woven flooring is manufactured by two distinctive processes which are cold pressed or hot pressed. The cold press process uses heat to dry the glue before the fibers are pressed together and the final sheets are cut into boards. Hot press uses a combination to pressure and head to form the sheets before being cut into boards.

Each type creates a different finished product, with stand woven being a lot more harder that laminated due to being pressed together.

For a great way to find out what your new bamboo flooring might cost, simply click here to use our ‘Floor Costing Tool’. It has helped many people to quickly understand the costs. Should you require any further assistance you can call us on 0431 372 502.

How Much Will Your Bamboo Flooring Cost?

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